Ideal flatmates

Happy to live with anyone


Hello there !

We are a "young" ( 26 & 27 y/o !? ) couple from France

I, Kory and Noé my boyfriend are going to leave our city Bordeaux to definitely or at least a few years , to live in Dublin.

We are looking for a room to share with nice folks in a house , a appartment , ...

I've convinced Noé to this idea because i've always wanted to go back to ireland since ive spent a year over here ! I've told him over the years how fantastic this country is ! Thus we are quitting our current jobs , family and friends and ... we are ready to start a new life with new jobs and friends we hope !

We will look for jobs : as a cook for Noé and for me something in a cultural structure ( concert hall , museum , theatre ,.. )

We are a couple but also very very good mates , we love going out for drinks , concert , chill at home with a nice dinner and a movie night . We will travel during the weekends if our future jobs will make it possible

We are looking for people to live with but also to share diners , stay at home nights , going out , ... a friendly place to stay indeed !

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Posted on 12 January 2019